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The Birth of Billy Munro​

Art direction and visuals for the Billy Munro universe by Mocaine which includes a concept album, novella, music videos  and several skits.


Artwork was created for each track on the album, accompanied by related animations. All the artwork was digitally collaged from vintage, found images and heavily treated with filters and textures in order to stay true to the rustic and grungy nature of the universe.

Listen to the seamless 44 minute concept album on Bandcamp and watch all skits/music videos on Youtube


Looping animations were used to tease the release of each single on social media. 

A physical CD with a lyric booklet was also produced. All text was handwritten by the frontman.


I also designed and typeset the tie-in novella adapting the artwork of the album. Together, the novella and album comprise the first installment of the Billy Munro universe.

Furious over the accidental death of his wife of two hours, Billy Munro hits the road, tearing through the American South in delirium. A violent and bloody chronicle of what thirteen days can do to a bad man trying to be good; the Birth of Billy Munro is also a surrealist portrait of death and the depths of human denial.

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