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50 Years of The Feminist Press


In 2020, The Feminist Press celebrated 50 years since its inception. To mark this occasion I was commissioned to create various online and offline collaterals including a bookmark, a poster and various social media assets such as email and website headers, animated gifs and hand-lettered quotes.

A3-Poster-Mockup-vol-12 copy.jpg

The Final Poster​

The challenge for this particular piece lay in fitting all 15 quotes onto a single A3 size poster and keeping it visually interesting. I chose to hand-letter within a limited colour palette of bright colours for all 3 initial sketches to do so, eventually settling on the bright mango colour used in the final. I then further adapted the poster for social media, picking up individual quotes and reworking them for the square Instagram post format. 

Free Instagram Post Mockup For 2020.jpg

A selection of Feminist Press's best-selling books. Illustrated header image for Twitter, Facebook and their website.


An illustrated bookmark included with every order placed directly with them.


I also created a number of social media posts for the Feminist Press account over a period of time, animating a gif for the launch of giftcards, illustrating a stack of recent releases and adapting the books illustrations initially created for their bookmark for use across their web presence. 

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